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matt fuller - About me

From as young as 11 years old I knew what I wanted to do, and that was to be a great Chef. From then on I began helping in my Mothers restaurant  and have been in love with the kitchen and food ever since.

In 1994 I began working and training in number of the finest restaurants around Dublin including L’Ecrivain and Peacock Alley. These opportunities taught me about good food while also sparking my interest and creativity into to make interesting and diverse dishes. I am proud to say I have achieved this.

In 2002 after 6 years in professional kitchens  I left Ireland to further my knowledge in Spain, the home of some of the greatest restaurants in the world . Working in Valencia provided me with a knowledge of genuine Spanish cuisine and experience in managing busy restaurants. I consider my time spent in Spain invaluable to my progression as a chef.

In 2010 I returned to Ireland and was offered the role of Head Chef in Conrad Gallagher’s Salon Des Saveurs. It was here that I was nominated for Irish Chef of the Year by the RAI (Restaurant Association of Ireland), eventually losing out to Ross Lewis of Chapter One. I still consider this a great achievement given my short time in the role, the newness of the restaurant, and the great reputation of Chapter One

In 2012 I took the helm at Citron, the restaurant at the five star Fitzwilliam Hotel on St. Stephens Green. Here I was again nominated by the RAI, this time for Best Hotel Restaurant and Citron was declared Best Hotel Restaurant 2012 by Paolo Tullio.

Over the past six years  I have gathered and trained a group of skilled chefs and staff who fully agree with my ethos. This group have displayed outstanding ability and shown a talent for creating top quality dishes.

My next big goal is to set up and run a respected, financially sound restaurant with a reputation for great food and wine. I want Boqueria to be one of the sought after places to go in Dublin.